Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My life in pictures!

Sorry for the delay in updates. It has been a very busy first months on site. We just had our reconnect and it was a learning experience for both ourselves and the PC staff. Anyway here are a few pictures of my adventures since I moved to site. Also very exciting news, I will be moving into my new apartment in less then 3 days with Katie living next to me. Fun fun.  We are both excited!

Machala, Cambios, Zaruma, the island of Jambeli and Tumbaco for Reconnect.

First few weeks on site:

These are pictures from my trip to Zaruma, El Oro with my two English teachers. Beautiful city. 

My 26 Birthday Party! Best Ecua-birthday I will never forget :) <3

First Halloween (cultural day) with my students! I painted their faces and had a blast giving out candy.

OMNIBUS 106 RECONNECT November 2011

And I wanted to say I have had 2 great host families here in Ecuador and I am so happy to have meet them. <3
My Machala family! Host mum, Katie, and Benja!

My Tumbaco Family!!! <3

until next time :)