Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Habla enserio!

Whoa, it has been a long time since I have updated this blog. Sorry life, work, procrastinating got in the way. So I just had my Close of service (COS) conference. Can you believe it has been 2 years since I left the States for Ecuador? 2 years have gone by and it still feels like I just began.

It was nice and sad to see everyone at the training center. Lots of hugs and long talks. We lost about 12 (out of 62) people along the 2 years of our service. Some are missed dearly and some have faded away. Our COS conference was a success, Bibi has done an amazing job in making each session /training event amazing. Peace corps took us out for dinner. We had all you can pizza at a fancy restaurant in Tumbaco. We dressed fancy and all! We ended our COS conference on a good and sad note. Many of us probably will not see each other after COS.

I have 2 months left  in country. I have decided to COS early, which means I get to go home on July 19th instead of August 19th. Super excited to go home, terrified of what is next, anxious for a job, and dreading readjusting once again. I've been told it takes 3 months to a year to get back to the pace of American life. Anyway, I am almost done. I have a ton of paperwork that needs to be done before the month is over and with luck I will finish it this week. Katie, Benjamin and I decided to leave together so hopefully we get to fly together to Miami.

Since I last blogged I have gone back to the states, visited Machu Picchu/Cusco with Sara and Katie, killed my computer (technically Machala´s weather killed my laptop) so I bought an iPod, did a little beach hoping on the coast of Ecuador - Santa Elena, Ayangue, Los Friles, Atacames, Monpiche, and Playa Estera, did the iron runner 5k race with 15 obstacles on the beach, learned to make bags from candy wrappers/chip bags, and applied for jobs in the states.

I worked with one library doing summer classes- giving story time and English classes. I did some teacher training this past month. But now it is time to pass on our projects and close the ones that are finished.

Next month my parents will be visiting me and hopefully we get to travel to some pretty awesome places.

Here are pictures to give you a better understanding of my adventures so far:

Tucson, AZ - Halloween and My birthday!

Election Night!

Machu Picchu (2012)

Ayange/ Iron Runner Beach Race (2013)

Atacames/Mompiche (2013)

Random Pics